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    The Percydale Press website covers a multitude of subjects connected to business opportunities, marketing advice, self publishing and writing for profit.

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    The latest business opportunities. Sensible ways to increase your wealth and enjoy life more.

    • Writer
      You want to be a writer. With a heart full of hope you send your efforts winging into the market place – and usually they come winging right back except for those that disappear into the void without trace. But how anxious are you to get published? Do you want to be a professional writer or just to see yourself in print?

    • Selling 'How To' By Direct Mail Offer
      "How To Make A Fortune Selling How-To Information By Mail Even If You Can’t Write And Haven’t Got A Creative Bone In Your Entire Body. By Owning The Rights To These 750 Hot-Selling Books, Reports And Manuals!"

  • Animal Antics
    Dog Tags, Horse Tails and Animal Antics contains short stories and anecdotes featuring all manner of animals.

    • CasaBeNova
      Casa Ben Nova Ben arrived in the village with my sister who had just come to live on the hilltop on the opposite side of our 14-acre goose green to my own cottage.

    • doughnut
      "Pig's is different from other animals," the old country­man said. "Pigs is people."

  • The Lighter Side of life
    A lighter look at life - when everyday situations turn to chaotic comedy and farce.

    • I'm Deadly Serious
      I'm Deadly Serious Have you looked at what a funeral costs lately? It's absolutely ridiculous. I mean to say, when it comes down to basics, all you're doing is putting something into a big wooden box...

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